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Bread Making Classes: Sourdough Saturday

Our Sourdough Saturdays are dedicated to relaxing, slowing down and enjoying the protracted process of making naturally fermented, “sourdough” breads. Here are a few reasons why that’s a good idea:

  • Sourdough breads taste awesome and make amazing toast.
  • Because we love to chew on a good crust.
  • No additives, no enhancers, just flour, water, salt and ‘starter’.
  • Easy on the digestion, even for the wheat intolerant.
  • Easier to extract nutrients from, so more nutritious.
  • Challenging to make well every time – and that’s a good thing from where I’m standing.
  • Blissfully rewarding when your perfect loaf comes out of the oven.
  • Did I mention how good this stuff tastes?

During this class we’ll make a variety of breads including White Boules, Seeded Rye,Walnut Bread and sourdough foccaccia. We’ll also make sweet sourdough apple pancakes. As we make and bake we’ll discuss:

  • How to make a healthy sourdough starter from scratch.
  • The benefits of sourdough bread.
  • How to feed and maintain your starter indefinitely.
  • The biochemistry of sourdough and how it differs from yeasted loaves.
  • Manipulating time, temperature and hydration for flavour and convenience.
  • Shaping techniques and practice.
  • Using bannetons, proving baskets and couche cloths.
  • Lots of other great stuff not necessarily related to bread at all.

This class will run from 10:00 until around 5pm.  You’ll leave clutching armfuls of bread, a headful of new knowledge, a bellyful of inspiration and a fistful of recipes.