Wonderful food, a warm welcome and a beautiful location.

Classes: Cooking Classes at Deer Park, Honiton

Deer Park Hotel, Cooking classes in Honiton

We’ve put together a great series of themed cooking events with our friends at the beautiful Deer Park Country House Hotel near Honiton.  All classes take place in the Garden Kitchen in the stunning grounds of the hotel and are perfect for groups of friends to come and enjoy a relaxing day in beautiful surroundings as you learn some new skills.

Our 2016 dates have now finished but our 2017 dates are up in the diary already. Here’s what some of our lovely students have had to say about their days with us at the Deer Park  this year-

“Having just returned home from an American BBQ day at the Deer Park Hotel near Honiton run by Manna from Devon, I need to lay down. What a fantastic day, a treat for a big birthday, this was the best present. Great food, interesting rubs and sauces and super presentation by Holly – fun and interesting.  The choice of the Deer Park Hotel is fantastic. An outdoor kitchen, delightful setting. We even had a tour of the kitchen garden by the head gardener. Please book this and have a fantastic day, we did!!!” David

“A lovely relaxed day on the seafood course at the outdoor kitchen at the Deer Park Hotel near Honiton. We learnt lots, had 6 yummy fish dishes, drank wine and laughed. Holly is an amazing teacher and knows so much.The venue is really pretty. Would recommend 100% It was just what we needed” Ian

“I gave this one day American BBQ day to a friend for his birthday and we went together, staying at the Deer Park Hotel the night before. The course was fascinating. We were five guests in all and learnt about cooking using a smoker as well as a pizza oven. We helped prepare the chicken, salmon, sausages, pork loin and salads, all the time soaking up the information from Holly and her assistant Fran. They were relaxed and very well informed about the regional varieties of rubs, seasoning and techniques. At about 2:30 we ate what we prepared. It was brilliant and delicious. I intend to get a smoker now and I would love to do another course” Nick

“Just wanted to say a Big thank you for the Wonderful day Eric and I had with you at Deer Park. Loved all the Fish dishes you introduced us to and look forward to trying them out on our friends. It was an amazing day, full of delicious food, good company and a perfect setting and weather. Will be booking another course with you next year” Heather

Stateside Barbecue - Flavours of the Great American Barbecue

In Britain barbecue often involves spending ten minutes burning sausages and serving it with a tub of coleslaw. In the USA barbecue involves marinading meat for days then slow cooking it with wood smoke for hours until it’s meltingly tender. Sides include beans, greens, corn, cornbread, slaws of every description, potato salad and pickles.

In this class we’ll be creating rubs, grilling meat and vegetables and making lots of side dishes .

  • Spiced baby back ribs
  • Maple and chipotle barbecued chicken thighs
  • Plank grilled salmon with lemon and fennel
  • Home-smoked sausages with sweet mustard mayo
  • Boston baked beans
  • Corn bread
  • Tangy cucumber dill salad

Grill Like a Gaucho - Argentinian Inspired Cooking.

Unashamedly meaty, revelling in char and a light dusting of wood ash, slathered in spicy, garlicky sauce and served looking just like what it is.  Argentine grilling is absolutely where it’s at right now.

Don’t be looking for a sous-vide water bath or a piping bag in this kitchen, you won’t find one; and if you were thinking of stacking that meat on a bed of pommes dauphinoise and a smear of something pureed, stop right there …. you’ll probably upset a grill master with a mission to grill a ton of meat and holding a pair of tongs at just above branding temperature.

In this class we’ll be using the wood-fired oven to create a memorable South American Barbecue as we imagine ourselves camping out on a Patagonian Plateau. You’ll be hands-on at the woodfired oven making a little snack of eggs with tomato and chorizo. We’ll practise pastry skills with filled empanadas and make a great salad to go with salmon and crisp potatoes.
Then we’ll get the grill really hot for classic beef churrasco with chimmichurri, roasted, stuffed peppers, grilled ratatouille and breaded chicken breast. As if that wasn’t enough we’ll round things off with a dulce de leche pancake.

Fish and Seafood from Devon's Wonderful Coast.

At Deer Park we are in beautiful, rural Devon, but still just a stone’s through from the sea.  With its proximity to the English Channel and the whole Atlantic, we have some of the finest seafood available in the UK and in this class you’ll learn about it, help prepare it, roast it in the wood-fired oven and finally eat it in all its glory.

The wood-fired oven is a perfect environment for cooking fish, hot and a little smokey.  I could stand at one all day and turn out dish after dish, and that’s just what we’ve planned for this day.

The fish we get will always depend on what’s available and in good condition, but typically the day will involve:

  • Scallops Roasted in their Shell.  Sweet nuggets of meat in butter, herbs and garlic.  Our idea of heaven.
  • Indian Mussel Curry.  Mussels and curry work perfectly together, just keep the spice light and fragrant.
  • Roasted White Fish with Mediterranean Vegetables. A beautiful, dish at any time of year.
  • John Dory wrapped in Paper.  My aversion to French terms means I must avoid calling this en papillotte – but the technique of steaming in a bag to preserve moisture and capture flavour works like a dream.
  • Whole lemon sole in butter and capers with brown shrimp. A classic, pure and simple.
  • Grilled Mackerel: fresh mackerel is wonderful and needs little embellishment.  Just grill and serve with a squeeze of lemon.

Deer Park Tandoori - Indian Food on the English Countryside.

Indian food is a very British obsession.  We love the spices, we love cracking the poppadoms and ripping the naan bread and we love tandoori grilled chicken with a pint of Kingfisher. Most of all we love ‘going for an Indian’ whether it’s for a quiet dinner for two or with our mates after an evening in the pub.

A wood-fired oven is a perfect way to cook Indian Food because of its resemblance to a traditional Indian tandoor and the ability to get it much hotter than a domestic oven.

In this class we’ll be grinding spices, marinating the meat, making our own breads and cooking everything in the heat of wood-fired oven.

  • Baked Samosas. First up will be little snack parcels, just to keep us going as we prepare lunch.
  • Onion Bhajis.  No Indian meal would be complete without them.
  • Tandoori Grilled Chicken.  Marinated in yoghurt and spices, then skewered and grilled with just the right amount of charring.
  • Naan Breads.  Baked in moments and ready to be ripped apart for scooping your favourite curry sauce.
  • Goan Fish Curry: Fresh with coconut and coriander but still complex and with a fiery bite.
  • Lentil Dhal: side dish or main course this dish is one of our favourites and so versatile.  Perfect with …
  • Chapattis. A simple flat bread and the perfect vehicle for delivering food from plate to mouth.

Dates for 2017

9 May Grill Like Gaucho
10 May Deer Park Tandoori
20 June Fish and Seafood
21 June Stateside Barbecue
11 July Grill Like a Gaucho
12 July Deer Park Tandoori
12 Sept Fish and Seafood
13 Sept Stateside Barbecue