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Woodfired Oven Cooking: Wood-Fired Oven 2 – Baking and Slow Cooking

Wood-Fired Bread

For centuries people from cultures worldwide have used wood-fired ovens to cook anything and everything and many artisan bakeries are now reinstalling wood ovens and discovering how to use them to bake wonderfully crusted breads as well as cakes, pastries, slow roasted meats and braises.

I’ve found that baking and slow cooking in a wood-fired oven is an area of cooking that many people would like to try but can’t quite get their heads around how to cook when the fire has been removed from the oven.  Cooking with a clear oven opens up a whole new world of possibilities and those who can do it are true masters of wood-fired cooking.

During this confidence building class we’ll use our ovens for a typical days baking, making various breads, sweet and savoury tarts, and cakes, slow roasts and braises. We’ll make use of both ovens at the school.

Each course is limited to 8 places to allow for maximum participation. £175.00 per person. Lunch included. Starts 10:00, ends around 4:00.

Make a weekend of it by combining this class with our ‘Cooking with a Wood-Fired Oven Class’. The two classes together cost just £325.  Call us directly on 01803 752943 to take advantage of this offer.

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