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Bread Making Classes: Beautiful Italian Bread

Imagine a freshly baked,  open textured foccaccia, topped with olive oil, herbs and sea salt at the center of your table.  It’s one of the worlds’ most wonderful and popular breads and we’ll make a fabulous version.  Led by expert baker David Jones, we’ll also make ciabatta, pagnotta, grissini, schiacciata and of course, our own stone-baked pizza for lunch.

Light and airy ciabatta

During a busy but relaxed day you’ll be working with softer, wetter, long fermented doughs and biga* traditional to Italian baking.  You’ll develop the skills to create breads with light, open textures and deep flavour enjoyed throughout Italy.

Our Beautiful Italian Bread Class is ideal for enthusiastic beginners and experienced bakers.

Drizzling olive oil on to the foccaccia dough

*Biga is a type of pre-fermentation used in Italian bread making. Many popular Italian breads, including ciabatta, are made using a biga. Using a biga adds complexity to the bread’s flavor and is often used in breads that need a light, open texture with holes. Apart from adding to flavor and texture, a biga also helps to preserve bread by making it less perishable.


You’ll learn how to make amazing pizzas

Schiacciata – light, luscious and full of fresh grapes

We’ve also hooked up with our friends at Workshop to create a great Italian Bread Class app that you can download and use to work with David in your own kitchen! You can buy the app here.