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Woodfired Oven Cooking

Wood-fired Ovens at Manna from Devon

Whether you are an experience woodfired cook, catering professional, have a brand new oven at home or are just thinking about getting one, you’ll find our Wood Fired Cooking classes full of information, inspiration and confidence building cooking.

We’ve been using wood fired ovens for well over 10 years and have been teaching wood fired cooking since 2008 to over a thousand students. Our relaxed, informative courses are hugely popular, with students coming from all over the country as well as Europe and increasingly further afield. Indeed Xanthe Clay, food writer of the Daily Telegraph, says,

“…without wishing to gush, if you are getting a wood burning oven you really should do the Manna from Devon course. In fact, I’d say it’s essential”

Our classes take place in our purpose built year-round wood fired kitchen and our summer terrace where we’ll teach you everything you need to know about using your own wood fired ovens. Don’t worry if you haven’t got one yet – lots of our students come to see what they can do with one before investing in their own.

We also run a series of wood-fired events at Humble By Nature near Monmouth. We can run private classes at the school or at your own premises at a mutually convenient date – great if you are short of time or who would like to learn on your own oven. Over the years we have worked with every kind of oven and all over the UK and abroad in restaurants and people’s back gardens.

To book any classes email us or call us on 01803 752943. Check the Main Diary.


Read a Lovely Review from David and Elizabeth
David and Elizabeth came all the way from Tasmania (!) for our wood fired cooking classes and this is what they had to say – “We found Manna from Devon on the internet. Our primary focus was a course to learn more about cooking in a woodfired oven. Such courses, apart from the 2-3 hour type aimed at tourists, are thin on the ground. While there are quite a few in the USA, Australia doesn’t seem to have anything serious and even Italy, which would have been our first choice, doesn’t have much in this specialised area as far as we could determine. The website was very informative and probably most importantly, believable. When you are sourcing woodfired oven schools you don’t start out thinking Devon! So initially there was a credibility hump to get over and the website achieved that. We really had the confidence after doing some research that David and Holly knew what they were about. We try and visit Europe each year, so it was relatively easy to plan our annual holiday around the two courses. It was very convenient to have the breadmaking and wood oven courses on successive weekends. When we started talking with Holly at the end of 2016 she hadn’t yet finalised their programme, so was able to accommodate us when we explained what we were interested in. The booking process was very easy. The website is easy to use and together with email correspondence it all went smoothly. Our expectations were high and they were exceeded. Both courses were everything we hoped and we learned so much. The style of instruction is good and it was a very friendly and congenial atmosphere. David is so relaxed cooking three or four dishes at once in two wood fired ovens that it inspires you. Holly prepared ingredients, sauces and dips, drinks and bottomless teas and coffees, and cooked wonderful pastry-based dishes in the ovens. Her easygoing attitude was embodied in her comment “What can go wrong? It’s only cooking!” It was a bonus staying in their very comfortable accommodation, and we enjoyed our time with them, both in and out of school. Dartmouth is delightful and has many good restaurants, although we weren’t very hungry on the second weekend after eating all the food that was cooked. We would recommend Manna from Devon to anyone who has a genuine interest in cooking good food particularly in a wood fired oven. David and Holly appear to have a huge repertoire and I doubt there is anything they can’t cook – and they make you believe you can, too.”


Woodfired Cookbook

Our first wood fired book, published in 2012, will provide everything you need to use your oven to its full potential. Lots of information as well over 70 inspirational recipes.

You can order it from us or pick up a copy from the school priced just £9.99.

Alternatively get it online from Amazon.

Wood Fired Flatbreads

Our second book was published in December 2016. In it we have explored the amazingly varied world of Flatbreads and Pancakes from around the world, many of them discvered during our own travels.

You can order it from us or pick up a copy from the school priced just £9.99.

Alternatively get it online from Amazon