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Wood Fired Oven Cooking: Pizza Masterclass

Pizza must be the world’s favourite flatbread and taken to a whole new level when cooked in the woodfired oven.

In our hands-on class we’ll be making the essential pizza dough, practising lots of shaping and topping, managing the woodfired oven and cooking a whole variety of pizzas. It’s a busy, entertaining class which will give you the skills to make your own fantastic pizzas at home.


The pizzas we’ll be making are –

  • Neapolitan – lightly topped with a thin base and puffed crust, shaped by hand
  • Roman – rolled to an even thickness to hold more delicious toppings
  • Pizza Al Taglio – a softer dough baked in a tray
  • Pinsa – soft pizza dough baked thicker, split and filled

This class is perfect for a group of friends wanting a fun get togther or for a work group looking for a energising team-building activity. Contact us directly to arrange a private class.

If the dates don’t suit your diary or you can’t get to our classes, you can download our Woodfired Pizza Masterclass and have a virtual David with you every time you cook. Click here where you can buy it from our friends at Podia who are hositing the course for us; just £25. More coming soon!


Although archeological discoveries show that pizza-like breads have been around for 3000 years the tomato didn’t arrive in Europe until the 16th century. If you like your pizza without tomato sauce then you share the same tastes as Tutankhamen.

Meanwhile, Indian water buffalo were even later, not arriving in Italy until the 18th Century.  Next time some bumptious, foodie, know-it-all tells you that pizza isn’t pizza without buffalo mozzarella you can remind him of that fact (not forgetting to point out that buffalo is a male noun whilst a buffala wold be far easier to milk).

Olives are native to the Mediterranean, as are many herbs.  So if you enjoy a good slug of olive oil and a sprinkle of oregano on your pizza you’re enjoy something which Homer would recognise.