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Bread Making Classes


Even if we understand the science, bread making is still a magical process. Using our hands, skill and creativity we can transform simple ingredients into something wonderful, wholesome and delicious.

At Manna from Devon we bake as it should be done; with first class ingredients, lots of time and heaps of respect. Join one of our bread making classes and you’ll get to grips with the whole process.

Run by David, a passionate, professional baker, our bread making courses will give you the confidence and enthusiasm to regularly make your daily bread and to explore and experiment with the endless possibilities that an understanding of bread and baking offers.

All  Baking classes are hands-on, very relaxed and great fun.

Proving super popular are our one-to-one consultations by phone so you can ask David your bready questions, he’ll help with any breadmaking problems you are having and get you right back on track. We have 2 options for you and you can book in the shop by the following links –

breadfrenchAll baking classes are limited to 4 places to allow for maximum participation and social distancing. Lunches and recipe pack included. Baking classes begin at 10:00 and usually finish between 4:00 and 5:00.

To book call 01803 752943, Email us, or book online.

We support the Real Bread Campaign run by Sustain. The campaign aims to ensure that we do not lose the skills and traditions of bread making and that everyone has access to great, healthy bread. Go here to find out more.


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