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Wood Fired Oven Cooking: Compact Ovens (Ooni/Roccbox/Delivita)

Delivita fired up

Lately we have seen an explosion of interest in small table top ovens. Being portable with no installation cost and quick to set up and use, these compact ovens are a really brilliant addition to the range of ovens available.

In our compact ovens class, we’ll help you perfect your pizza cooking techniques and inspire you to use your ovens for loads of other things besides. We’ll be using our Ooni oven, Roccbox and our DeliVita oven so lots of opportunity for learning.

During each class we’ll bake some pizza of course, but we’ll also:

  • grill amazing steaks and burgers
  • bake beautiful biscuits
  • roast, grill and stir-fry vegetables
  • sear some fabulous fish
  • bake a batch of bread
  • skewer some kebabs

And as we do some you’ll get plenty of hands on experience using the ovens and expert guidance on controlling the heat.

The class is always sociable, great fun and a combination of demonstration and hands-on learning. We cook a lot of different dishes during the day and naturally we have to try them all so you’ll be well fed!

Each course is limited to just 8 places. £195.00 per person. Lunch (lots of it) included. Starts 10:00am, ends around 4:30pm.

Classes can also be run as private sessons.  See our private classes page here.