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Our Books

We currently have three woodfired oven recipe books available and lots of recipes and techniques on our Youtube Channel as well so do join us there.

Woodfierd Oven CookbookOur first book was released in 2012 and has since sold over 100,000 copies.


“This book is excellent. It spells out everything from real beginnings (how to build and keep a fire) to a break down of timings for a pizza party. This is a must buy if you have a wood fired oven of any kind, the detail and thoroughness of this makes it stand out from the rest. Buy it!”

“This book is simply the best of all the wood-fired oven recipe books we’ve purchased.  The photography is beautiful and I’m speaking as a photographer. The book contains more than just recipes. It has historical information and info on wood-fired ovens. If you are new owner of wood-fired oven and wonder what to cook so that you don’t waste a lot of residual heat after making your pizzas, this book would be of help with its incredibly helpful preparation suggestions (with timelines). At this price, this book is a steal! As frugal as we are, we’d be happy to pay more for this book! Kudos to the authors and publisher!!”

“My wife bought me this book after I built our pizza oven. It really helped us get going and helped us achieve great results. Then we learnt about their courses in Devon, attended their wood fired oven course and now find it even more helpful.”

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Woodfired F;atbreads and PancakesOur second book is now published and getting great reviews which is very exciting!

Bearing in mind that the first rule of Woodfired Oven Club is “It’s not a Pizza Oven”, this book contains loads of great recipes for flatbreads and pancakes and there’s not a pizza in sight. There’s also lots of useful information about your oven, equipment needed, managaing the fire – in fact all things wood fired.

Beautifully photographed by Nick Hook this is a great book for those who have cracked the whole pizza thing and now want to do something a little bit different with their woodfired oven and would make a perfect present.

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It’s also available as a fiixed layout ebook here.

Our third book is now here and we’re delighted with it- you can order your copy here.

Focussing on the amazing fish & seafood we get here in south Devon, it’s full of our favourite recipes, loads of photos by Nick Hook again and lots of tips and information about cooking fish and seafood in your woodfired ovens.

We are thrilled with it and think you’ll love it too!







We can happily personalise a dedication at the front of your book as well as signing it. Please note any personalised books can’t be returned.

For further information please call us on 01803 752943 or email info@mannafromdevon.com