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Wood Fired Oven Cooking: Intro To Wood-Fired Ovens (Suffolk or Edinburgh)

17th & 18th May 2024 – EDINBURGH

9th September 2023 and 7th & 8th June 2024 – SUFFOLK

New to wood-fired cooking? Struggling to get to grips with your oven? Or maybe you’re just wondering if wood fired cooking is for you?

Our class is the perfect introduction to this wonderful way of cooking and ideal for anyone who already has a wood-fired oven and wants to perfect their skills and get some more ideas.

We visit two different venues – one is based at Suffolk Escape, Hintlesham, very close to Ipswich and ideal for students based in East Anglia, East Midlands and the South East; we’ll be here in September 2023 and June 2024.

The other venue is for those of you in Scotland and the north of England and is based just outside Edinburgh not far from the airport; we’ll be there in May 2024. We’ll obviously let you have exact location details once you’ve booked! So to confirm –

17th & 18th May 2024 – EDINBURGH

9th September 2023 and 7th & 8th June 2024 – SUFFOLK

Suffolk Escape

Suffolk Escape


Both classes are a combination of hands-on work and demonstration so you get to understand how the woodfired ovens work. In Suffolk, we’ll use a  Stonebake Oven Company Mezzo 76 oven and the Morso Forno Oven and in Edinburgh we’ll be working with a Bushman Santorini oven anda metal oven similar to an Alfa 5 Minuti.

Morso Forno

Morso Forno Wood-fired Oven

David & owner Luke at Woodfired Scotland, just outside Edinburgh

What Does the Class Cover?

We’ll use the two ovens to demonstrate the full versatility of wood-fired cooking and to give you a complete picture of how to get the best from your own oven.

Wood fired ovens are perfect for pizza but can also do so much more!! We’ll show you how to use them in many ways :

  • Perfect Pizza:  making dough, shaping, topping and baking
  • Cooking Fish:  Super Succulent Roast Fish Fillets with Herb Oil and Lemon.
  • Vegetarian: A brilliant Goan vegetable curry, lightly spiced with a coconut sauce.
  • Roasting:  Spatchcocked chicken with vegetables, super crisp roast potatoes, stuffed aubergines.
  • Grilling:  Woodfired Steak.
  • Baking:  Oaty Spiced Apple Crumble. Bread rolls.

We know from experience that using your oven to maximum effect takes a little getting used to and we’ll  pass on lots of useful information such as:

  • How the ovens actually work.
  • Siting your oven and looking after it.
  • What woods to use to fuel the oven.
  • Lighting the fire and heating the oven .
  • Measuring and controlling temperatures; managing the heat.
  • Cooking utensils and other essential equipment.
Who Is this Class Suitable For?

This course is definitely for you if you –

  • Are thinking of buying a wood-fired oven and are researching the best type for you.
  • Have just bought an oven or are expecting one any day and want to get off to a good start.
  • Have an oven but aren’t sure if you’re using it correctly  – maybe you can’t get it heated up properly, get the fire going or make anything more than pizza.
  • Have an oven already and want to get much more out of it.
  • Have bought a house with an oven and need to get started with it.
  • Are building your own oven and want to know how to use it once you’ve completed the build.

The class is always sociable, great fun and a combination of demonstration and hands-on learning. We cook a lot of different dishes during the day and naturally we have to try them all.


Each course is limited to 8 places. £195.00 per person. Lunch (lots of it) included. Starts 10:00, ends around 4:30/5pm.

Make a weekend of it by combining this class with our Woodfired Intermediate (Suffolk or Edinburgh). The two classes together cost just £345.

Call us directly on 01803 752943 to take advantage of this offer.

Please make sure you book on the right location and the right date – if in doubt, just call us – 01803 752943


We’re super excited to be heading off on our travels, spreading the woodfired love and look forward to seeing you there.

If the dates don’t suit your diary or you can’t get to our classes, you can download our Woodfired Pizza Masterclass and have a virtual David with you every time you cook. Click here where you can buy it from our friends at Podia who are hositing the course for us; just £25. More coming soon!