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Downloadable Woodfired Courses

We now have three downloadable woodfired courses so if you can’t get to the cooking classes or if you would like a refresher, follow the links below to buy the course and download a virtual David who will be with you every step of the way! This means wherever you are in the world you can be taught by Manna from Devon.

If you’d like to buy the course for the friend, just email us on info@mannafromdevon.com or call us on 01803 752943. We can sort out a voucher for you to give to your friend and then email them the link once they get in touch.

Woodfired Pizza Masterclass

What’s in it – everything from setting up the oven; ingredients for dough and toppings; how to make your dough and our favourite recipes; what equipment you’ll need; how to tell the temperature for perfect pizza making; three different ways to shape your pizzas; FAQs; Resources…. so much to pack into the course and just £25.00

 Just click this link to buy and download your course


Cooking with a Traditional Woodfired Oven

In this downloadable course, David will teach you all the basics you need to get started with your traditional refractory oven. So wherever you are in the world you can join us and revisit the course so you really get the most out of your wood fired cooking. There’s so much in the course and it’s just £25. Follow this link to download your course. 

In the course, David will be showing you –

  • what is a traditional woodfired oven and how they work
  • where to site them for best results
  • safety advice
  • heating the oven and telling the temperature
  • equipment to get you started
  • how to cook the best woodfired pizzas
  • grilling with a Tuscan grill to get amazing steaks
  • roasting in your oven
  • Some FAQs
  • Some very handy resources


Cooking with a Modern Metal Woodfired Oven or a Morso Forno

We’ve based this course on the traditional woodfired oven course but tweaked it for those of you who have a modern metal woodfired oven – so one like our Alfa or an Igneus or a Maximus or a Clementi or a cast iron one like the Morso Forno

You can get your Metal Oven course on this link and have David with you every step of the way as you cook; and your Morso Forno course is here.