Wonderful food, a warm welcome and a beautiful location.

SWCP Day 5 – Who’s Bright Idea Was This Then?

Well it had to come didn’t it? Four pleasant days making great progress, all going swimmingly and then bam! blindsided by torrential downpours. Today was relentlessly horrid, rain after rain after rain sweeping in from the Atlantic. Appalling visibility, terrible conditions underfoot, slow progress and a struggle to stay upbeat.

David and Rex

Will it stop soon?

Looking on the bright side, I had great company in the forms of Kit Noble and Ian Nuttall who made the journey up from Kingswear and went way beyond the call of duty to stick with it today and support the challenge.  At the end of it all I’d got to Bude,  the exact point I’d hoped to get to in the original plan, and so I’m still on track and tomorrow looks like it might be OK.

Today was a bit of a head down and trudge on sort of day with no views, but the water itself was impressive even it if did make our lives difficult. This picture is of the stepping stones we were supposed to use at Welcombe Mouth. We decided against attempting to ford the raging rapid they had become and found a route upstream instead.

Welcombe Mouth

There are stepping stones under there.

We’re now sitting at the table with Roger and Sally Birt at Red Dog bakery in Great Torrington. The game stew smells wonderful and the sourdough bread on the table is calling my name.