Wonderful food, a warm welcome and a beautiful location.

Training In Bath

No that doesn’t mean I’ve been doing a bit of aquacise, but I am trying to maintain a bit of a training regime whilst at the Bath Christmas Market.

Standing in my chalet (it’s a garden shed but we are supposed to call them chalets) for up to 11 hours a day does not leave much room for decent training and long walks are certainly out of the question. Instead I’m make use of Bath’s many hills to get in some early morning runs to give the legs a bit of a stretch. I donlt suppose it’s moving me any further ahead but perhaps it’ll stop me slipping back too far.

As well as the running I’m also sticking to a pretty healthy diet, oats for breakfast, beany soup for lunch, that sort of thing.  Hopefully this means that I’ll be in good condition when training resumes post Bath.

Between the end of the market and the start of the walk I have just six days, not ideal but ces’t la vie.  I’m hoping to get in four long walks of 12 – 15 miles so I woinlt be going into the start of the challenge completely cold. Anyone wanting to join me for any of those training walks in the week commencing 10th December will be very welcome.  They will all be around Kingswear/South Devon.