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BIG Announcement: First Ever “Eat Your Words” at DFF!

[This is one in a series of blog posts written by Charlotte the Intern.  Tune in daily to find out about what she’s been up to, what she has been learning about, and all of the crazy things she does as part of the Manna from Devon team.]

Last night, I finished reading a cook book.  Yes, I read the whole thing, cover to cover.  I realize this is weird.  I’m pretty sure there aren’t many people who spend their valuable reading time turning page after page of recipes for lovely baked goods and roasted vegetable dishes, but when you’re talking about a cookbook like Miranda Gardiner’s Teaching Dad to Cook Flapjack, it isn’t actually that difficult to do.  Miranda writes beautifully about her family, their tradition of Cornish cooking, and the injection of Scandinavian-influenced cuisine that occurred when various members of her family married Scandi spouses.  She writes from the heart; you truly get the sense that these are the recipes that she uses again and again, or that she made up with whatever she had found in the fridge, and I mean that in the best way possible.  This is food that is thoughtfully prepared, but is completely accessible to any audience.  It’s like reading another family’s cookbook, which feels a bit like gleefully spying over the fence of your neighbor’s backyard barbecue, only to be discovered and welcomed inside.

Which is why I’m so excited to announce that Miranda Gardiner will be joining us at the Dartmouth Food Festival this year, not only for “Get Up and Cook”, which was featured on the Facebook page last week, but also for a brand new Food Festival event called Eat Your Words.  Eat Your Words will be a series of in-conversations featuring well-known food writers and other industry experts, talking about anything and everything from the food and wine of France’s Languedoc region, to Devon cider’s transformation from a traditional product to a trendy drink.  For many sessions, there will be a tasting included, and all of them will provide festival guests with chances to ask lots of questions, gain some insights into food, and writing about it, and maybe get a signed book or two!  We’ve got some incredible writers coming to Dartmouth, and I can’t wait to release more names over the next couple of weeks, but for now I’ll just leave you with this teaser!

Miranda will be joining our very own David Jones to talk about all things baking, whether its baking seasonally, baking for families, or baking for yourself.  Having spend the last couple of days reading her words, I am certain she will be full of all kinds of kitchen wisdom, which usually ends up sounding a lot like all-purpose wisdom too.  It’s sure to be a wonderful time, and hopefully we’ll get to eat some flapjack!

Check back in the next couple of weeks to find out which other writers are coming to the festival for the Eat Your Words conversation series.  We’ve got a little something for everyone, and you won’t want to miss it!