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Wood Fired Duck with Red Cabbage & Chestnuts


Wood Fired Duck with Red Cabbage & Chestnuts

This is a great Winter warmer and one that can cook happily for an hour or so in the wood fired oven while you get on with other important things like going for a walk or reading the papers. Perfect for those few days between Christmas and the New Year. Do check it out on our Youtube Channel here

We use duck from our friends at Pipers Farm – slow growing, reared outdoor, full of flavour; delicious. Don’t forget to drain off the fat for roast potatoes at another time.

 Wood Fired Duck with Red Cabbage & Chestnuts – Ingredients

4 duck legs, sprinkled with a little salt an hour in advance to start drying the skin

1 small red cabbage, cored and shredded

1 red onion, peeled and thinly sliced

100g chestnuts, cooked and chopped

50g brown sugar – Demerara is fine

180ml apple juice

Salt and pepper

Wood Fired Duck with Red Cabbage & Chestnuts – Oven State

5 Mississippi – less than 200C

Wood Fired Duck with Red Cabbage & Chestnuts – Method

1. Mix the cabbage, onion, chestnuts and sugar with a good pinch of salt and pepper in a large lidded pan. Add the apple juice, put the lid on and put the pan in the oven with the door shut.

2. Prick the skin of the duck legs all over with a skewer. Put them skin side up in a wide pan and put them in the oven with the red cabbage pan. Shut the door.

3. Come back after 45-50 minutes and drain the fat off the duck. Mix the red cabbage in its pan and put the lid back on. Put both pans back in the oven for another 45-50 minutes with the door shut.

4. When the cabbage is completely wilted and tender and the duck meat is coming away from the bones and the skin is crispy, it’s all done.

5. Serve with some creamy mashed potatoes while it’s still hot.

Wood Fired Duck with Red Cabbage & Chestnuts – Alternatives

Use walnuts or hazelnuts instead of chestnuts.

Add some raisins to the red cabbage mixture before cooking.

Cook a whole duck instead of the legs – it will take a little longer but will be amazing.

Finely grate some orange zest over the duck before serving.

Wood Fired Duck with Red Cabbage & Chestnuts – Wine Suggestion

Thanks to Suzie at Michael Sutton’s Cellar for this -the duck and cabbage needs a rustic red to match the earthiness of the chestnuts so I would go for either Mourvèdre blend from Bandol (Provence) or an Italian Brunello di Montalcino (sangiovese).