Wonderful food, a warm welcome and a beautiful location.

SWCP Day 14 – Blue Skies and Happy Feet

Roseland Peninsula

Roseland Peninsula looking towards Dodman Point

Well the high risk strategy has definitely paid off as I just had an almost pain free day in my new boots, dry socks, blister free and very happy.  The new boots may not have the same grip as the old ones, making it difficult sometimes in the slippy, slidey mud; but I’m happy to sacrifice a bit of purchase for the absence of agony. I’ll be sticking to the new boots for now especially as the weather is looking a bit drier going forward so the mud may decline a little.

Todays’ walk took us from Helford Passage to Portloe on the Roseland Peninsula. I was joined by Kit Noble from Nonsuch House Hotel in Kingswear. It’s amazing what a bit of company can do for morale especially when the weather is foul as it was all morning. It’s much easier to laugh in the face of adversity when you have an adversary to laugh with. This afternoon, despite a really hideous squall, the weather was fine and we enjoyed blue skies and a little warm sun.

David and Kit Noble

At the moment, days follow a rhythm of early starts around 5am with breakfast (meusli followed by eggs from Fountain Violet Farm of course) and coffee. Then we head off to the drop off point where Holly leaves me in darkness with nothing but my compass and head torch to point me in the right direction. I always aim to start at 6:30 so I usually start at 6:45. After a couple of hours there is a 2nd breakfast of nuts and banana; another two hours walking then my first lunch; another 2 hours before my 2nd lunch; more walking til I finish for the day between 4 and 5pm with tea and biscuits or cake. Then I write the blog, have a shower, sort out my feet (iced water bath) and then dinner of pasta or rice with loads of veggies and meat. A medicinal glass of whisky or port and early to bed between 8 and 9pm. I have brought a book with me and I do read a couple of pages every night – sadly the same couple of pages. Fortunately progress with the walk is better than progress with the book so it can wait.

Tonight we are enjoying the wonderful hospitality of Daphne who lives in our home village of Kingswear but very handily has a cottage at Portscatho. She’s also a great cook so I’m signing off now.

Miles so far – 349