Wonderful food, a warm welcome and a beautiful location.

SWCP Day 16 – Let’s Hear it for the Support Team

Today I reached a number of milestones. For a start I finished the entire Cornwall section of the walk when I reached the Cremyll Ferry, the end point of today’s walk. By then I’d already gone through the 400 mile mark, finishing the day at 411 miles.  As it turns out, it was also my longest day on the path, clocking up a fairly exhausting 12 hours.

However, all of these are as nothing as today’s most important reason for celebration. No not the arrival of 2013 but of Holly and I reaching our 20th wedding anniversary.

Having put up with me for this long, I am now really testing her patience with my latest mad scheme but so far she has waved me off every morning without trying to dissuade me from heading out into the wind and rain.  Obviously she’s a saint and I think I may owe her a nice holiday in a warm climate very soon. She did get a day off today though when my sister Ali with husband Dave and son Cameron came down from Wiltshire to look after me and make sure I was in the right place at the right time. All this without a satnav – huge thanks all of you.

Today’s walk took me from Polruan to Plymouth. I’ve now covered 60 miles in two days having put in two very long days. However, I’ve achieved the objective of reaching Devon by New Year’s eve and the next few days should now be easier. The weather today was atrocious; furious wind and and huge dose of rain for most of the morning.  At one point I was thinking Cornwall must have taken umbrage at my haste to leave her borders but then friends in Dartmouth told me they were getting it too.

The views were generally awful but the afternoon cleared enough for me to see the distinctive outline of Rame Head.

Rame Head

A welcome sight to all Guz ratings for centuries and a boon to coastal navigators.

Then, later in the day, I glanced over my shoulder to see this very welcome sight …

Red Sky at Night

Red Sky at Night – Coastal Walkers Delight


Have a great evening tonight and a Very Happy New Year.

Editor’s Correction … Jamestown as mentioned yesterday was of course Charlestown.