Wonderful food, a warm welcome and a beautiful location.

SWCP Day 17 – Happy New Year

Last night being New Year’s Eve, and being in the wonderful company of old friends Sally and Dick Bone, we did stay up a little past the  normal 9pm curfew, but couldn’t quite make it to midnight. The path waits for no one; we’d still have to be up early if I was to make my miles for today.

As we drove into Plymouth for the drop off point things were already looking promising; clear skies amd moonlight and no rain. Even better as I stepped out into an almost still morning. Gone were the howling gales and lashing rains of Cornwall and here were the sunlit uplands of South Devon.

Clear Skies over Royal William Yard

Clear Skies over Royal William Yard

At last I could see views up and down the coast. Plymouth Sound looked perfect and I could see as far back as the Lizard and a very clear view of Bolt Head and Bolt Tail.  Things were starting to look and feel very familar and beginning to feel like home.

Plymouth Sound

Plymouth Sound – I discovered panorama mode on the phone camera

At Noss Mayo I was met by Debbie Tweedie of the Plymouth and Devon Sunday Independent.  Debbie has been compiling a weekly blog following the walk which has meant some great publicity for the Motor Neurone Disease Association.  As we walked along the path we were met by David Jones (yes another) who’s been to the Cooking School in the past and wanted to come and join in for a stretch. Now I have good weather, great views and pleasant company and suddenly the whole mood of the walk has changed completely from an endurance marathon to a lovely way to spend time. This certainly was a happy new year.

Coast Path Marker

They have top quality Coast Path Markers in Plymouth

Shortly after four this afternoon I reached the banks of the River Erme and there my walk for the day ended. Another evening with Sally and Dick and their daughters Elizabeth and Sarah lies ahead. Bliss!

Fundraising is going well and we are now close to the £4000 mark.

Distance to date 435 miles.

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