Wonderful food, a warm welcome and a beautiful location.

SWCP Day 25 – That’s All Folks!!!

The final day dawned, suitably damp and dreary but with a good forecast. The final 16 miles ought to be fairly easy given given its moderate rating in the guide book.  As Kit, Rex and I set off back towards St Adselm’s Head in the grey morning light we had a spring in our step knowing that in about 6 1/2 hours we’d be crossing the finish line.


Rex looks determined to make it to the finish line.

Old Purbeck Stone quarries, lighthouses, chalk stacks, fossil walks and kestrels all helped to make the walk interesting and when Greg joined for the final half way through, the chatter factor increased even more.


Fossil as part of a display at Durlston Castle

But really I was only thinking about the finish and how I’d feel after 25 days walking up to 11 hours every day. I’m definitely a lot fitter of course and feeling very energetic and ready for the new year. I’ve also learned a lot including quite a bit about rocks and the geography of the west country. Moreover I’ve come to realise that walking 25 miles a day over rough, hilly terrain, day after day, is quite achievable, even for a tubby 50 year old, given time and a reason for doing it.  I’m not sure I’d do it just for the fun of it though and I’m not planning to do it again any time soon.

Old Harry Rocks

Come on Rex, it’s only another couple of miles from here?

Thanks of course to everyone who has supported the walk in many different ways. To those who joined me on the walk, put us up for the night, baked cakes, donated money, provided kit (that’s equipment not Kit – but thanks for that too Penny), sent messages of support, or helped out in any of a dozen different ways I want to say, ‘A Huge Thank you!’. Every bit of support has been appreciated and has helped with the challenge.

A particularly huge thankyou to Holly who really must have had enough of that van by now and has probably been looking forward to finishing even more than I have.

For the Motor Neurone Disease Association we have now raised well over £6000.  I was delighted to meet Chris and Audrey from the East Dorset Branch of the MNDA who came to meet me at the end of the walk.

Chris and Audrey

With Chris and Audrey from the East Dorset branch of the MNDA

It was great to meet some of the people who will be putting the money to very good use. And if you were just waiting to make sure I completed the walk before donating, here’s the address again ….


By the time we’d walked up the beautiful Studland Beach, Rex had chased so many birds into the sea that he’d washed off every bit of muck and mud he’d picked up along the way …. and that’s a lot of mud!


Rex looks ready to turn around and head back the way.

By the time I’d walked up Studland Beach I realised I’d almost forgotten how bloody awful it was during the tempest that lashed me for days on end and was actually enjoying myself.  Oh well! time to get back to normal now …