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Woodfired Oven Cooking: Wood-Fired Oven 3 – Morso, Alfa and More

Morso Oven

More and more people are using ovens of non-traditional design.  These ovens differ from traditional ones insofar as they only have a stone floor and the oven itself is made from cast iron or steel.  These ovens are still incredibly versatile but require different handling … which is why we’ve developed a brand new class using just cast iron and steel ovens.

This class is suitable for owners or prospective owners of Morso, Alfa, Maximus, Clementi and Uuni ovens amongst others.

We’ll use a Morso Forno, Alfa 4 Pizze and Morso Grill Forno to demonstrate the full versatility of these wood-fired ovens and to give you as complete a picture as possible of how to get the best from your own oven and enjoy it fully.

What one of our students had to say about coming on the course –

“Thank you for a great day on Saturday. I learned so much. I am actually firing my Morso up as I email you with the intention of cooking our dinner tonight and try a loaf for the first time. As I mentioned to Holly, I truly believe the course is invaluable for anyone who has a wood fired oven.”

Wood fired ovens are perfect for pizza but can also do so much more. We’ll show you how to use them in many ways :

  • Flatbreads:  pizza and more; making dough, shaping, topping and baking
  • Fish: hot-smoked salmon, scallops roast in their shells
  • Meat: rack of lamb, chicken breast
  • Vegetarian: roast potatoes, grilled vegetables, stuffed mushrooms
  • Pastry: Spiced Apple Empanadas
  • Bread: Baguettes

We know from experience that using your oven to maximum effect takes a little getting used to and we’ll discuss many aspects of use:

  • How the oven works
  • Siting your oven
  • Wood selection
  • Lighting and heating the fire
  • Measuring and controlling temperatures
  • Cooking utensils and other equipment

This class is always sociable, great fun and a combination of demonstration and hands-on learning. We cook a lot of different dishes during the day and naturally we have to try them all.

Each course is limited to 10 places; £175.00 per person. Lunch (lots of it) is included. We starts at 10am and end around 4:30pm.

Call us directly on 01803 752943 to book or book online here.