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The Kingswear Gate Quiz

Following on from the Steps quiz, how well do you know the village gates?? Some old, some new, some metal, some wood, some grand, some not so much! The answers are at the bottom of the post – just scroll down.















Answers – how many did you get right??

  1. Kingswear Castle
  2. Inverdart Garden on Castle Road
  3. Kingswear Primary
  4. Kaywana Hall
  5. The Cemetary
  6. Allotment by the Creek
  7. Round the corner from Brookhill on Castle Road heading on the coast path towards Brixham, just up the hill on the left
  8. The White House on Castle Road
  9. Over the railway lines heading away from the river and Hoodown workshop just past the parking spaces on the right
  10. Fir Mount House Garden Entrance on Lower Contour Road