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Woodfired Pizza Masterclass

Woodfired Pizza Masterclass – that’s what we’re talking about for the next 2 weeks; how to make the dough and then how to use that dough to make the best woodfired pizzas. We know this is just a part of how to use your woodfired oven but it’s a very important part as that’s what your friends will be expecting.

Use the blog in conjunction with the video on our youtube channel, join us on a woodfired oven class here at the school and let’s get that pizza going on!!

Woodfired Pizza Masterclass

This week’s #woodfiredweekly

Woodfired Pizza Masterclass – Ingredients

Flour – we use 00 flour from Shipton MillĀ 

It’s milled twice so is super-fine and creates a puffy dough. Use it for your foccaccias and ciabattas as well to get that lovely airiness in the crumb.

Yeast – we use quick yeast from Doves Farm. It’s easy to use, consistent and easy to get hold of. We’re using 5g per 1kg flour here which is for a slow overnight ferment; if you want to ferment the dough more quickly, say in 6 hours, increase the amount of yeast to 10g per 1kg flour.

Salt – we use fine seasalt. Again it’s easy to use and consistent. If you want to use Maldon seasalt or Cornish seasalt, dissolve it in the water first.

Water – this is the only liquid we use to make pizza. Weigh it by the gram and you’ll get the volume you need for the recipe – ie 650ml is 650g.

Woodfired Pizza Masterclass – Pizza dough recipe

1kg Shipton Mill 00 flour (100%)

650ml water (65%)

20g fine seasalt (2%)

5g Doves Farm quick yeast (1/2%)

Woodfired Pizza Masterclass

Making your dough

Woodfired Pizza Masterclass – Method

Mix everything together, chopping it together with a dough scraper.

Leave it to stand for 20 minutes or so before kneading it into a smooth dough.

Leave the dough covered overnight in the fridge to develop flavour.

That’s pretty much it until next week when we’ll be showing you how to shape and bake your pizzas.

Woodfired Pizza Masterclass

Mmmm – Pizza!!