Wonderful food, a warm welcome and a beautiful location.

Christmas in Udaipur

Happy Christmas Everyone!  Hopefully you are not too windswept, not flooded and have power wherever you are back in the UK.

We left Jodhpur yesterday and took a 5 hour taxi ride South to Udaipur.  We had booked a train but it was going to take about 15 hours and get us here at 10:00 (if it was on time) so we splashed out on the cab. En route the countryside changed from the flat, featureless Thar Dessert to the beautiful, rugged Aravali Hill range where we stopped for lunch.

Lunch Break

Lunch Break

Not sure what that cherry was there for .

Nice Backdrop for Lunch

Udaipur is a much smaller city and not as crazily hectic at Jodhpur.  Having said that a walk around the narrow streets still requires constant attention to avoid being snuffed out by a motorbike, and strength of character to rebuff the advances of shopkeepers.  We sat down for a beer which they happily served us but I don’t think they had a licence as this is how it came.

Udaipur Beer

Udaipur Beer

This is a very beautiful place.  Built around a partially man made lake it’s described as the Venice of Rajasthan and is a great destination for weddings. We have 4 days here and will be taking a series of cooking classes which we’ll tell you all about I’m sure.  Meanwhile here’s the view from our restaurant last night.

That's the Hotel from Octopussy

That’s the hotel from Octopussy


And that’s the Palace

Not only that but the dinner was great.  We may become regulars.

Have a brilliant Christmas!