Wonderful food, a warm welcome and a beautiful location.

Heading Home from India

Well that’s nearly it folks – our food odyssey of India is almost at an end. For 4 weeks we’ve travelled around by train, tuktuk, bicycle rickshaw, motor scooter, taxi and bus and tomorrow we’re flying back to Delhi before heading home to the storms, snow and cold.

Camel in Chittorgarh

One mode of transport we didn’t try

We’ve eaten and blogged our way around, sampling samosas, pakora, chappati, idli, uppamal and dosas as well as jelebi, gulab jamen and cashew nut sweets. We even found the legendary Bombay Duck (it really does exist; it really isn’t a duck) and watched our own chicken meet its demise. Some things have been expected and familiar and others completely blindsided us.

Happy Young Pakora Cook

Boiling Oil, Flip Flops and happy in his work.

Milkman in Kota

Milkman, Indian Style

We’ve learnt loads about this previously unfamiliar country and can see why visitors find it compelling and frustrating in varying degrees but often leave with a strong desire to return and fond memories of the friendship offered.  I’m sure it’ll take a while for us to put it all in perspective and decide whether we’ve ‘ticked that box’ or become ‘India Junkies’. Either way it’s been an unforgetable trip.

Huge thanks to everyone who has helped with our plans, suggesting places to stay, food to eat and people to meet. And to all of you who have read and enjoyed the blog and liked, commented and shared on facebook.

We’ll be home soon with a notebook of ideas and recipes to write out and test in the kitchen before sharing with you I’m sure they’ll all be bringing back vivid memories of our time out here.

Til the next time, happy cooking!

David and Holly

David and Hollyx

p.s. these are fresh, green chickpeas.  Well done to those who spotted that.  Boiled and crushed with spices, then fried they make a delicious snack called Hare Chane ki Seekh.  They are also good in pakoras.

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